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No matter how neat and tidy they are, people always ask us how their home should look on viewings and whether they can improve their presentation.

While no one expects you to live in a perfect show home, buyers do react well to a bit of pizzazz and polish. They’re looking to be seduced, and the way you present your home can shorten the time it takes to agree a sale, which means less tidying up in the long run.

Viewings can happen any day, and the trick is to minimise disruption to your morning routine so you can get ready for work, prepare the kids for school or go for your daily run without adding a lengthy to-do list. Then you can leave the house knowing that everything looks just right, without feeling flustered or rushed – or at least no more than usual!

With a simple plan and some upfront preparation, it’s fairly straightforward to be ready for viewings every day without feeling as though you’re living in a museum. A home that’s full of love and full of life is a big selling point for buyers, so this week’s blog is about finding the perfect balance between maintaining your happy home life and presenting a home that sells.


Now is when you’ll be energised with the excitement of moving and putting your home on the market, so let’s make the most of your enthusiasm.

When it comes to having your home photographed, you can often get away with hiding things around a corner to get the perfect shot. But to prepare for viewings, you need a more permanent solution.

We’ll happily give you some pointers on getting your rooms looking right. Then, we’d suggest a weekend purge to deal with any visible or hidden clutter. Make it a household event with Spotify playlists, pizza deliveries, coffee on constant rotation… whatever makes it fun for you. 

With storage space a priority for buyers, they’ll pay attention to your cupboards. If they’re full to the brim, tackle them now rather than waiting until you pack – you’ll save time later, and your home won’t feel like it’s bursting at the seams.

Once you’ve chosen what to sell, donate, store or throw away, make your listings live on eBay, head down to the charity shop with any donations, and get everything else bagged up and boxed before the caffeine wears off.

Still got too much stuff? Try spreading it out across the loft, cellar or garage. Alternatively, ask a willing friend or relative to keep some at theirs, or rent a storeroom until you move.


Just like death and taxes, laundry is a fact of life, but sheets hung over doors are never a good look.

Aim to get your laundry done when you’re least likely to have viewings. That might be a Saturday evening, so it’s dry, folded and put away by Sunday night, leaving you clear for the rest of the week.

Do you have a cleaner? Tell us their schedule to help us time your viewings accordingly. As a tip, we’re often in the office on Monday mornings to follow up on the weekend’s viewings, gather feedback and deal with offers, so this can be the perfect time for your cleaner to work their magic.

With longer days and the approach of summer, most viewings will happen when it’s light, and the natural brightness of your rooms will become immediately clear. The rays of the sun highlight how clean your windows are, so make sure they’re kept sparkling and see-through, either by you or by a pro.


From beginning to end, the scent of your home is the backdrop to every viewing. As the sense most connected to memory, smell does more than create an instant impression; it leaves a lasting reminder. What better excuse for some aroma therapy?

If we all lived in the pages of a magazine, freshly-cut flowers and gently roasted coffee beans would appear every day, imbuing your home with fragrant greetings. Real-life isn’t necessarily like that, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

First off, never underestimate the power of nature. The simple act of leaving a couple of windows securely ajar will keep the inside air circulating and noticeably refreshed.

For something more aromatic, try a couple of well-placed reed diffusers or scented candles. Go for high-quality, natural fragrances and don’t go overboard; too many can be overwhelming and even raise suspicions, so buy one or two and gauge the effects. You can always add more later.

Flavoursome aromas like coffee and nutmeg are foodie favourites for kitchens; calming lavender or vanilla create a soothing mood for bedrooms, and crisp scents like lemongrass or ginger keep bathrooms feeling fresh.

If you love curries, garlic, fish or other pungent foods, save cooking those meals for a Saturday night to give the air in your home a chance to clear. 


Evenings are your best friend when it comes to tidying up.

As well as shaving valuable minutes and fuss off your morning routine, performing a reset for tomorrow brings a natural end to the day. You’ll probably even sleep better knowing how well you’ve got everything handled.

  • Put the living room back together by plumping up cushions, neatening throws, and returning books, magazines and paperwork to where they belong.
  • Do the washing up, put it away, or get everything into the dishwasher and set for the morning. Check bins and empty them if necessary.
  • Wipe down hob, worktops and cupboard fronts to remove any cooking prep and spills.
  • Get any toys into crates, then either hide them away – under the bed, in a cupboard, on top of the wardrobe – or put them in a corner to keep the floor space clear.
  • Drop clothes into the laundry basket or hang them inside the wardrobe.


With everything else in place, the final finishing touches are all that’s left for the morning. Do a quick sweep with this speedy checklist for an easy and on-time start to your day.


Leave all internal doors open for air circulation and a sense of flow

Open curtains and blinds for maximum light


Breakfast plates, coffee cups and pans in the dishwasher, or rinsed and put away

Tea towel hung in its place

Wipe down worktops and sink


Make the bed and plump the pillows

Close wardrobe doors and drawers

Put away any jewellery and accessories


Shower screen squeegeed

Toothbrushes and toothpaste away

Posh products only left on show

Towels on hooks or folded on rails 

Feng shui etiquette – loo seat down

In summary

Preparation is everything. Spending some time before your home goes on the market to get everything in order, then having some simple routines to keep it that way, will help you enjoy your everyday home life while being ready for viewings, no matter how much notice you have.

Most tasks are tiny in themselves but combine to make a big and lasting impression, as though you’ve had a cleaner in every day.

Are you planning to sell your home? We’re here to ensure you make the biggest impact, so why not get in touch? Call us on 0113 460 2416 or email us at – we’ll help you get your presentation perfect from the start.

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