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Your Guide to the Otley Run


The Otley Run is one of the most famous bar crawls in the UK, right down the straight Otley road made up of 14 pubs, it’s a big day out (we’d recommended a big breakfast!). Oh and you have to be in fancy dress (reference photo below)! The best time to start is between 12-1pm as this way you beat the big rush that comes in between 2-4pm. 

Fancy Dress Theme


So onto the list of pubs: 



The very beginning before the descent into the mits of the pub crawl. Woodies has a great beer garden round the back and plenty of room inside for your whole group. 

2.The Three Horseshoes 

Three Horseshoes

The second pub on the map; Three Horseshoes has a lively atmosphere which is great to get you into the Otley Run flow. The sports bar does have some regular locals, but don’t worry they’ll have seen it all before when it comes to Otley Runs!

3.New Inn 

The New Inn

The final pub in Far Headingley before the descent down into central headingley; New Inn is usually where you start to see the big crowds of people also partaking in the pub crawl for the day. It’s after this that the lightweights start to reveal themselves! 



Prepare yourself, Manahatta is usually the place where shots come in to play; due to their cracking deal of three jager bombs for a tenner (it’s the cheapest and quickest option). Manahatta also usually has some great tunes  for you to dance away too!

5.Headingley Taps 

Headingley Taps

My recommendation is to grab a bite to eat at Taps as it has a great ‘lightbite’ selection and it’s a great place to re-line the stomach. Taps also has a great outside space for when it’s sunny to enjoy your pints in the sun!


The Box

Box is where the dance moves really come out with their upstairs space being wide enough to make it your very own dance floor. Box is another place where shots are usually the go to with their wide range of funky flavours and of course the four for a tenner deal. 



Marking it the second to last pub in Headingley, by this point you are well and truly in the mits of the Otley Run. Skyrack has lots of space for you and your whole group, with plenty of places to sit down and rest for a bit before the next 7 pubs. 

8.Original Oak 

Original Oak

The final pub in Headingley, Oak has the best beer garden of them all so it’s definitely something to utilise if it’s a sunny day! Oak has some great drinking deals meaning there is plenty of choice for your last beverage in Headingley. 

9.Hyde Park Pub 

Hyde Park Pub

After the long descent into Hyde Park, Hyde Park Pub has a great lively atmosphere to get you back in the swing of things. By this point every group has pretty much caught up with each other so it makes for an entertaining stop off. 

10.The Library 

The Library

Next up is the Library pub, now if you ask anyone who has done the otley run; by this point you can’t really differentiate Hyde Park Pub from the Library but they’re both pretty great! The Library does usually have some great dancing opportunities also!

11.The Pack Horse

The Pack Horse

Although slightly smaller than the others, The Pack Horse also has a great outside area to get some (probably very much needed by this point) fresh air before you take on the last 3 pubs. 

 12/13.The Eldon/Fenton 

The Eldon
The Fenton

Now we have put these two together as quite frankly once you get to this point you can’t really tell them apart – but they both have a great atmosphere making for a great finish before the journey to Dry Dock. 

14.Dry Dock 

Dry Dock

The Final pub of the Otley Run, arguably the liveliest of them all, the famous blue boat, Dry Dock. With great tunes and a great atmosphere, Dry Dock is the perfect end to a full on, fun packed day.

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