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Best Walks Around Leeds for the Perfect Day Out


Sometimes you just need to get out of that city air, even HydePark and Headingley can feel a bit stuffy at times, and what better way to do that than to go on a beautiful picturesque walk. Here are some of the most picturesque walks in and around Leeds: 

Golden Acre Park 

Golden Acre Park

With its circular LakeSide walk path and popular tearoom, Golden Acre is a favourite of many when it comes to an escape. The walk itself isn’t challenging as it is mainly flat and only around 5.4 miles. But the beautiful scenery makes for a really exciting walk. Alongside this they also have their gorgeous gardens to take in. However, if you’re going on a weekend (especially if it’s sunny) I would recommend getting there early as Golden Acre can get extremely busy. 

Roundhay Park 

Roundhay park

Roundhay is another gorgeous circular walk right around the lake. With 700 acres of rolling parkland, lakes, woodlands, formal gardens and cafes; Roundhay park makes for a great trip out. The Park is not only extremely popular out of the UK but out of Europe too, so it’s definitely worth a visit. With it not being a difficult walk meaning it’s one for everyone and anyone to enjoy.

Eccup Reservoir 

Eccup Reservoir

Eccup Reservoir is the largest area of water in West Yorkshire, making it a beautiful and unique day out. With only a 15 minute car journey from Headingley, Eccup is the perfect day out for when you want some fresh air away from University life. Eccup is also a great location for bird watching, with its wide range of bird species that live there. 

Kirkstall Abbey 

Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is a great scenic walk to fill up your afternoon. The walk ​​explores the ruins of a former Cistercian monastery on the River Aire in Leeds. Just a 30 minute walk from Headingley or a 10 minute drive from Hyde Park; Kirkstall Abbey is a fab close proximity walk where you can appreciate both the scenery and architecture. 


Meanwood Park

Meanwood is an easily accessible walking location for those living in Headingley and a short drive away for those in Hyde Park and Woodhouse. Meanwood is a gorgeous easy walk for weekday evenings and weekends; with a mixture of woodland, small rivers, and even a small waterfall under a bridge. To top it off it has a cafe that does the best brownies in Leeds (in my opinion, and they’re gluten free!). 

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