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As moving day comes closer, students throughout Leeds are packing up their belongings and sorting through everything they have accumulated over the past year or more. Moving house is a great opportunity to declutter – pan you haven’t ever cooked in? dress you haven’t worn since freshers? Yet another clothes horse? Tin of artichoke hearts no one really knows what to do with?

This is where the Leave Leeds Tidy campaign comes in. Now in its tenth year, this campaign had diverted over 125 tonnes of unwanted stuff from going to landfill, and has helped support a number of local charities including The Real Junk Food Project and St Vincent de Pauls.

You can take clothes, non-perishable foods, pots and pans, bikes, printers and more to any of their collection points listed below. See their website for the full details:

Also bear in mind is that if you leave all this behind in your house, your landlord may charge you for removing it…do you really want that?!